October 13, 2016

Orange Almond Cake

This version of the orange and almond meal cake is not like you will get at a cafe as you are starting with whole unblanched almonds – but it is quite satisfying to take just a few locally grown products and turn it into a sweet treat. You will need a relatively powerful food processer.

While the cooking time is quite long (due to having to boil the oranges first) – it really is a very easy cake to put together.

While this recipe uses oranges you can substitute for around 2 cups of stewed fruit if you like – I have some stewed peaches I canned last Summer that I sub in regularly, but you could easily stew up some of Ashbourne Valley Orchards apples.

For the vegans among you, you can substitue the honey for rice malt syrup and use chia eggs (which reminds me of the poppyseed version of this style of cake).

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