Adelaide Hills Pasturised Eggs

Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs is a family owned business situated in Bugle Ranges SA. We believe in being sustainable and producing Nutrient rich eggs for our Hills customers.

We graze our chickens on fresh nutrient rich pastures and rotate them to new pastures to allow our pastures to regenerate and thrive. We even go to the extreme of having our pastures leaf analysis tested to ensure all the minerals are available in our plants and by design in our exquisite eggs.

We have planted a bio diverse mix of grasses, legumes and herbs to ensure a smorgasbord of plants is available to our girls all year round. Our chickens are also a part of the holistic system which sees cattle used to pre-graze pastures prior to our chickens coming in after to clean and fertilize. We produce exquisite tasting eggs that are fresh and nutrient dense. Once you tasted the difference pastured eggs offers there is no going back. We simply call it Nutrition by nature

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