Ararat Food

jon and lilitAT ARARAT FOOD… by Jon, with love…


At Ararat Food the cakes are imbued

With flavour and love from their maker

Her grandmother’s art: use both hands and heart

And fortune will follow the baker


For a reasonable price there is apricot slice

Delicious, no paraphernalia

Beware of the fake as you can’t get Queen cake

Anywhere else in Australia


You’ll be glad to get used to the syrup-infused

Tortes, exquisitely flavoured

Each paklava tray is taken away

And every morsel is savoured


Real cream and real care into every éclair

Genuine chocolate’s essential

While each Saturday, the two-dollar tray

Is referred to in tones reverential


The aroma escapes of the savoury crepes

As blinchik is browned for the serving

Warm, tasty, so nice; just one won’t suffice

Come on; take four, you’re deserving


See you at Mann Street, to find a new treat

With a bag, wanting sweet things to fill it

At Ararat stall, a favourite to all

Armenian Specials by Lilit


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Mob: 0435482362

OR, call into the market and discuss what you would like to order for your party or occasion.


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