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We are a family owned & operated beekeeping business based in Macclesfield SA. Ben is an Apiarist & manager of the business. Kathryn is the face of the label trading at the AHFM every Saturday. We have two daughters Jozzie & Malana who are the official taste testers of our honey.

We currently have 5 apiaries, which are groups of hives working on seasonal honey flows between Spring & late Autumn. A honey flow is the release of nectar from eucalypts, various ground flora & other native plants at predictable times of the year when they produce flowers. Bees convert this nectar into honey. This is a separate process to the collection of pollen & the pollination services we also provide to almond & lucerne growers is regional SA.

The apiaries are regularly moved from site to site to provide the bees with maximum opportunities to forage. Due to weather conditions, specific honey varieties may be in abundance or limited annually. From season to season the actual colour & flavour of our honey can also vary. However, we aim to provide a true, single origin honey that our customers can rely upon to be available. Having said this, many of our customers have enjoyed the ‘blend of / mixed’ varieties of honey at times in the year when the singular floral varieties have not been available.

The most popular flavours of honey are usually our local Adelaide Hills Bluegum & Cupgum varieties. Another distinctive variety that is rapidly gaining a strong reputation as a honey of choice is our SA Tea- tree, sometimes referred to as jellybush honey. It has been tested & shown to be an active honey which means it naturally contains particular health promoting factors. It is a ‘cousin’ to the well known NZ Manuka honey. We also produce Mallee, Lucerne & Banksia honey. We make a hand churned creamed honey, which is whipped to a smooth consistency & set in the jar. A gourmet vanilla bean creamed honey is another well loved product on our stall. Ben has collected pollen for the last 3 years which is usually available only over the summer months. Beepollen is regarded as a superfood & taken as a very potent health supplement. We also sell pure beeswax blocks & 100% beeswax candles.

We pride ourselves on a consistently high quality product. Our honey is raw honey, which means there is minimal heating during extraction & packing. The warming of all of our honey does not generally exceed the natural temperature that the bees maintain a hive at. Raw, unprocessed honey has a superior taste, contains living enzymes & a multitude of other health enhancing properties. Many of these nutritional benefits are destroyed in honey sold commercially. You may occasionally notice there are small dark specs in our honey; these are not dirt, but bits of wax & natural material from the hive. Our honey is not filtered as this generally requires heating. It is extracted, left to settle overnight, then the ‘bits’ are manually skimmed off by hand with a sieve. Honey, being naturally anti microbial – meaning germs don’t grow in it, never goes off, but it does thicken over time. Our honey will crystallize or candy, which is a sign it is truly unprocessed. It can be easily reverted to runny honey by placing the container in warm water. Some varieties candy more quickly than others.

We have purpose built premises on our property which houses the automated, stainless steel extraction equipment & our packing facility. There are no chemicals, antibiotics or additives used in our hive management or the extraction process of our honey. We are a Beequal accredited business. This is an annually auditored national food standards QA programme.

You will find As Sweet as Honey at the Mt Barker Adelaide Hills Farmers Market every Saturday morning between 8.30-12.30. Please drop in for a free taste of local honey & thank you for supporting our Farmers’ market. We welcome any enquiries on 0407950876- Kathryn.


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  • Hi can you tell me how I can get some of your beautiful honey I’m in SydneyMany thanks Kerrie

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