Battunga Country Free Range

Free Range Poultry & Eggs
Antibiotic & hormone free, GMO free
Grass fed beef and lamb grazing in stress free pastures.

Growing free Range Poultry, Meat and Eggs in the beautiful ‘Battunga Country’

I have always felt strongly about the ethical treatment of animals. I decided to start growing my own poultry and eggs because these days it is hard to trust who is truthfully 100% Free Range.

We have always grown our own grass fed Beef and Lamb in stress free pastures. Now with the addition of chickens, ducks and Turkeys i then decided to start selling them to guarantee people Free Range, well looked after meats.

Our meats are looked after respectfully, they are fed a balanced healthy diet with no unhealthy additives that promote un-natural fast growth. Our meats are grown naturally at the right pace, slow and steady which shows in the flavour of the meat. No antibiotics, no hormones, GMO free

Our animals get the freedom to exercise, roam around, lay in the sunshine and do all the things that they are naturally intended to do.

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