Bald Hills Olive Grove

We have 2 styles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Bald Hills Olive Oil has a fresh grassy, flavour with a peppery finish and is made from Tuscan varieties of olive trees mostly from the Frantoio family; and the High Grove has a fruity, nutty flavour with a hint of pepper that comes from a mixture of Greek and Italian varieties.  The fruit for this oil comes from groves on Bald Hills Road, Mt Barker and the Balhannah district.

We also carry plain and chilli table olives, balsamic vinegar and dukka and za’ahtar. The High Grove Kalamata table olives are firm and not too salty, although the chilli and herb table olives have a little fire.  The Balsamic vinegar, fragrant dukka and zesty za’ahtar go well with the extra virgin olive oils and fresh bread. We also sell 3 kinds of hay in small squares and small and large round bales of Lucerne, Oaten / Lucerne and Pasture Hay and bags of firewood. Delivery is available.

Bald Hills Olive Grove sits on 33 acres of picturesque agricultural land to the north of Mt Barker on Bald Hills Road.  Our family bought the land in 1986 on a whim; the acres of rolling hills were too enticing to pass up.  It is great to be part of an emerging industry with lots of potential and friendly people.  Olives and extra virgin olive oil are part of a healthy Mediterranean diet but Australia wasn’t supplying its own people.  Unlike other mono-unsaturated oils, extra virgin olive oil doesn’t require solvents to extract it.  It’s a buzz to know our oil is adding to our customer’s health while they enjoy the flavour.

This family business is growing from a small plot that supplied friends, to one that can offer good oil to our local and wider community. The land now supports 680 Frantoio family (Corregiola, Paragon) and Pendolino olive trees.  They were selected because they cope with the frosts in Northern Italy, and which we occasionally get in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. The trees were planted in 1998 with the help of friends and family.  Our first harvest was of 23 berries in 2002.   The volume has steadily increased since then, thankfully!  Until 2009 the fruit has been harvested by hand, onto mats which we lay under the trees.  In 2009 the majority were harvested with a shaker.

The High Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the 3000 olive trees on the southern side of the valley combined with fruit from other hills growers and is widely distributed throughout the Hills and in Adelaide.

Anama, Rob and Brendan welcome you to call in when the sign is out at: Lot 70 Bald Hills Rd, Nairne, South Australia 5252

Or call us on P: 08 8388 6142, M: Brendan 0418 855 089, Anama 0404 032 807
E: baldhillsolives(at)


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  • Hi, just a quick one, we have about 40 mature olive trees that we want to remove, I have heard that people like to have fruiting trees and will remove at their cost, access is easy and we are waiting until this year’s crop is picked, my question is do you know if anyone who would be interested in taking these trees

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