Salad Greens and Kitchen Herbs

Mowing away from a big city and living  a lifestyle more connected to the land and better business opportunities was the main reason for the Zehle Family to migrate in 1983 from Germany to the Adelaide Hills/south Australia,
From a passion for healthy good, fresh and healthy food  the business ‘Salad Greens and Kitchen herbs P/L’ evolved and operated on two smaller farms in the Hills.
Gourmet Salad mix and potted kitchen herbs where the core lines of the business, supplying greengrocers, restaurants and some supermarkets.
An exciting step happened when the Zehle family bought a 67 acres farm in Echunga in 2006  Sven and Judith Zehle took over the business from the retiring parents and made this pristine, fertile  and unpolluted land their own,
 ‘Our Produce’
‘Salad Greens and Kitchen herbs’ strives for the freshest produce possible.
Produce is delivered 6 days a week and the family trades at farmer’s markets in Wayville, Willunga, Mt. Barker and Prospect during the week and on weekends.
Like most farmers the family  and ‘Salad Greens and Kitchen herbs’ faced some tough financial times and Sven and Judith had to be creative to survive.
trading at varios farmers market,  having many loyal customers all over Adelaide, beeing passionate about growing  and supplying healthy  vegetables the  Zehles knew they had needed to expand the variety of crops they  found  some niche market produce and customers who appreciate how the family grows, where they are situated and what the name ‘Salad Greens and Kitchen herbs’ has been standing for over 20 years now, that is quality, purity and service.
Trials of growing carrots, beetroot and turnips organically in the ground were made and all grew beautiful,  It was easy enough to sell all quickly as well. The   demand is high for fresh local organic produce. Now the family grows many vegetables including Kale, Springonion Rhubarb, Spinach, Beans and garlic, Carrots, Beetroot. Certification of these vegetables will be happening in the near future.Today the deliveries are expanding from the city, surrounding suburbs, to the Adelaide Hills and the  Fleurieu peninsula.All this is only possible with help of dedicated volunteers, who come from all over the world and help with almost all aspects of the farm operations, volunteers are members of the ‘wwoof’ or helpx initiate.
Our growing practices:
Lettuces, potted herbs and bocchoy are grown hydroponically, with minimal spray practices for the lettuces during winter time and no sprays[ pesticides, herbicides]  for the herbs at all.  a well balanced variety of nutrients are used, including mineral salts, BFA certified Kelp solutions and fulvic acid. Unlike many hydroponic growers they do not overfeed the plants; the difference is noticeable in shelf life and taste, and being commented on often.

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