Wakefield Grange

Please note Wakefield Grange products are currently carried by Ashbourne Valley Orchards

Wakefield Grange is a family owned and operated 400 acre farm located on the lush Fleurieu Peninsula. Owners Nathen and Sophie Wakefield are 4th generation farmers who pride themselves on their innovative approach to farming. The young couple produce superior quality beef that is certified 100% pasture fed, HGP and antibiotic free as well as 100% pasture fed prime lamb. All stock is raised under low stress, free range conditions with limited cartage through the use of a local abattoir within 12km from the family farm.

Wakefield Grange is the only on-farm butchery within the state of SA growing and butchering their own stock, providing the finest quality guarantee from paddock to plate! Wakefield Grange is also the only retail butcher outlet outside of Queensland selling certified pasture-fed beef.

Every animal is hand selected in paddock by Nathen Wakefield himself whom is not only the farmer, but also the butcher. Providing this paddock to plate service gives Wakefield Grange the luxury of full lifetime traceability of all of their stock. Nathen and Sophie Wakefield are also certified MSA producers and are committed to sustainable farming practise. In peak periods cattle and sheep produced by likeminded farmers from within the Fleurieu Peninsula are also sourced, each with full lifetime traceability and also hand selected by Nathen.

Wakefield Grange proudly practise under the Eat Local philosophy providing a range of gourmet preservative free and gluten free products and an individualised bespoke butchery service for local farmers or chefs by request.

5455 Main South Rd
Wattle Flat SA 5203

08 8558 2536

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