Getting Away From It All

How often have you yearned to get away from it all? Eschew the concrete jungle? Breeze away from the Big Smoke?

Life’s many modern ironies include “glamping”. Cashed-up metrosexual couples adjourn bush-ward in their SUVs, swipe the plastic and check into a tent with a king-size bed worth more than the combined income of a small Third World nation. Minions wait on them hand-and-foot.

Weekend commandoes erupt into the wild, urban bulls in nature’s china shop. Communing with nature on an oil-spewing forty-foot marine wet dream or gas-belching bush-basher with spotlight, armed to the teeth against wildlife, humanity litters its Monday to Friday detritus. But they’re “getting away from it all”, right?

“Real” world urbanites cocooned in material luxury, disconnected from humanity’s roots, make planet-shaping decisions. Most mornings your household emits more greenhouse gas before you get out of bed than a generation of Palaeolithic European and African hunter-gatherers. The ecological clock is ticking.

Earth as “mother” philosophies live on in indigenous societies. Nods to a simpler past prevail, like French vignerons who turn and freshen the vineyard soil with an eighteenth century plough behind a twenty-first century Percheron. Great hooves and steaming dung enhance the grapes and the chateau’s end product.

Technology isn’t going anywhere. But rather than let it grind the planet into ash and radio-active rubble, let’s power it more with water, wind and sun and augment Mother Earth instead of sucking Her dry. Small scale community farming and marketing is one way. Support it, engage in it, talk it up. Get away from it all – sustainably.


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