Oils ain’t Oils

Olives, Oils and their Condiments

We have three stalls at the Adelaide Hills farmers market that sell olives and olive products. It’s no surprise really when the Adelaide hills has the perfect climate to make some of the most wonderful olives and olive products!

Two Hills and a Creek, Bald Hill Olive Grove and Talinga Grove sell exceptional local produce. I’m a huge fan of olives and have been since I was a child. Olives make a great start to any meal. At the Market there are so many different varieties to taste, its best to start slow and make your way through them one at a time, savoring each flavor. We offer Caper stuffed Kalamata olives, plain and pitted Kalamata Olives, chilli, Herb Kalamata olives and much much, more.

Along with the award winning olive oils there is a range to tantalise anyone’s taste buds.  We have Peppery Wild Lime Infused Olive Oil, Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Infused Evoo Oil such as garlic, chilli lemon and lime. You can find infused Mini packs and Picnic packs, perfect for sitting on the lawns at the market with a bunch of friends and family!

As the seasons change so does what we put on our tables. At home we have pulled together a few lovely summer salads on those warm days. You can try the Honey Mustard Dressing to go with your fresh greens and herbs from the market or the spiced Balsamic olive oil dressing, great with a root vegetable salad such as beetroot, feta and mint salad.

Something else I like to put on my lazy Sunday lunches is Dukka. Traditionally eaten with soughdough bread and good quality oil. I like to use it in my soups and salads to give some texture and spice. Silvia Hart, from the seasonal Garden Cafe, used it in her cooking demonstration last month in her salads as a garnish. We also have Tappanard, which is a great addition to a cheese plate (available at the Udder Delights stall) along with Dukka, olives and the best quality fresh bread.

Olive oils aren’t just great for consuming gastronomically speaking but their also wonderful for your skin. Talinga grove sell their range of body products including Body Butter, Face Cream, Hand Cream, Body Oil and soaps. Perfect for a gift or to treat yourself.

So when you’re at the markets this Saturday morning why not make your own gourmet platter and try all the wonderful produce the hills has to offer?

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