Silvia Hart Seasonal Cooking Demonstration

Smiling Silvia Hart


Spring has arrived at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market and so has Seasonal Garden Café owner and cook, Silvia Hart!

Well-known in the Adelaide Hills for her homegrown organic produce, unique vegetarian cooking and no-waste kitchen, Silvia will be appearing at the Adelaide  Hills Farmers market this Saturday, 6 September from 10am.

With no prior preparation, Silvia will select locally grown ingredients from Adelaide Hills Producer stalls to prepare, create and cook authentic and delicious vegetarian meals for market-goers.

Come along and learn about food fusion and nutrition, how to select the best local in-season produce, as well as how to cook from local produce from one of the Hills best.

WHAT: Seasonal Cooking Demonstrations

WHO: Silvia Hart

COST: Free!

There’ll be lots of time for questions with Silvia, so don’t miss out on this free opportunity to increase your skills in the kitchen!





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