…the one thing that Big Brother doesn’t control

“Water? That’s not going to quench my thirst!”

What would you know anyway? You’re old, an adult. As you know, kids don’t need to be told anything, because they’re ahead of the game. If your kid demands that you purchase a bottle of brightly coloured and labelled liquid about as efficacious to the  digestive system as a half litre of battery acid, then so be it. In an adolescent and pre-teen world dominated by digital sound and fury and commanding voices eulogising its awesomeness, your mature age ignorance is as embarrassing as it is clueless.

With bullet-proof assurance the fruit of your loins righteously pours contempt on your half-baked notions of what might constitute a family meal. What possible insight into health and well being might your lame efforts in the kitchen offer the sophisticated taste buds of Golden Arch gourmands? Don’t you realise that a balanced diet actually does include deep fried potatoes at least twice a day? Everywhere you look it says so. Food you cook yourself is vastly inferior. Your kids’ friends agree. To argue is futile.

Wake up and sniff the cloying reek of teen body spray. Helpfully, contemporary data reminds the more dementia-afflicted amongst us fossils from a bygone era that a teen’s peers are the single most significant influence on hearts and minds. Heaven forbid we should cling to outmoded concepts like youngsters accepting the guidance of someone older, when they are but a mouse-click away from the collective wisdom of marketing firms representing the world’s leading corporations.

Youngsters referred to by litigiously-minded counsellors as “under-parented” are sea urchins in a toxic ocean of bad choices. While a fair percentage of parents concede a little to the ardent seduction of Big Brother to keep the offspring placated and in at least moderately good dietary and lifestyle habits during the turbulence of adolescence, there are the criminally neglectful few whose utter abrogation of responsibility creates the monsters who try to lead your kids astray. Thankfully you have created a home culture of sensible shopping at our market and healthy eating.

What chance do you have against Big Brother? He is everyvwhere. He has enormous power and sufficient resources to buy and sell governments. He only has one concern: keeping his most faithful followers in the űber-wealthy cocoon that separates them from you and me, the vast army of plebs out there who exist only to be exploited. We can lie down and let Big Brother get on with it. Or, we can fight back. How? By taking charge of our kids early, by teaching them right from wrong, beginning with giving them attention and praise for good acts. And by feeding them proper food.

We can fight back with love…the one thing Big Brother doesn’t control.

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