Why shop anywhere else?

Your day off begins slowly when you sleep in: no time for breakfast. It’s the day of the party and you still haven’t made the cake you had promised. Again you regard the unappetising but expensive loaf and fume about the limited but pricey Gluten-Free options when you were at the shopping centre. Or this might be you, if you had not already discovered your local farmer’s market, where virtually all of your fresh food needs are met with so much more as well.

In South Australia we have fourteen registered Farmers markets. Australia-wide, there are nearly two hundred. The Adelaide Showground Farmers Market was recently voted the best in Australia. It features not only fresh produce, but also a broad range of food outlets. The Barossa Farmers Market, a gourmand’s delight, also rates in the Top Ten. In the Adelaide Hills, the market may be smaller, but it has no shortage of ┬ábeautiful cakes, quality gluten-free products, hot breakfasts and good coffee, all served with a smile by people who know your name.

Ararat Food’s Lilit is Armenian. Her Queen cake, choc-top apricot slice, eclairs, paklava, tortes, slices and savouries are all from her grandma Anush’s original handwritten recipes. Anush taught her to “bake with both hands and heart”. The stall is named for Mount Ararat of Biblical renown and enormous spiritual significance as the ancient nation’s birthplace. Noah’s grandson Hayer led his extended family down to the rich farming lands below. Eight millennia later, ‘Hayerstan’ is the name by which Armenians know their homeland. Lilit’s Queen Cake was named by the Advertiser as the market’s ‘must-take-home’ item. No other market has a cake like it.

Nicky’s Farmhouse Pantry is another unique food outlet, using strictly home or locally grown, clean, organic ingredients to fashion completely original and tasty gluten-free meals. Nicky believes when you have a gluten intolerance and are out, you should be able to find healthy food to eat. She also caters for those with dairy and sugar intolerances. Her focus and passion have resulted in tasty soups, takeaways like Chilli Con Carne and goulash, cakes, non-dairy ice creams, naturally flavoured cold drinks, stewed fruits, granola, toasties and biscuits. Why bother nosing around supermarket aisles when Nicky has your food intolerance needs covered?

Yerelina Organics offer a range of organically pure, fresh cakes, jams, slices and more, alongside Ruth’s range of freshly grown fruit and vegetable produce. Her property near Meadows grows almost all her raw materials for the home-cooked food. Valeria from the Little Secret Garden in Littlehampton also offers a range of vegetarian, organic and gluten-free products. Anama and Rob at Bald Hills sell clean, varietal Tuscan olives and freshly pressed, healthy olive oil at very reasonable prices. Grant at Greenhill Range offers home-made sausage rolls that always hit the spot.

Sweets, baked goods, cakes, savouries, cooking oil, food intolerances, fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, seeds, flowers, meat, fish, eggs all covered on one pleasant stretch of lawn. Coffee, free parking, live music. Spread the word. Why shop anywhere else?

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