Discover the stories behind the producers at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market and delve into the world of local food with our series, ‘Know the Producer on Your Plate.’

This month, we proudly present Bald Hills Olive Grove, a business that has been an integral part of AHFM since its inception in 2009. Let’s uncover their journey and the passion they bring to your plate.

Name of your business:
Bald Hills Olive Grove

How long have you been trading at AHFM?
From its beginning in 2009 (I think). We harvested enough fruit for 1000+ litres of oil and panicked! What can we do with it all? It was more than enough for family and friends.

What do you appreciate about farmer’s markets?
Opportunity to share our produce directly with our customers. Their interest in quality healthy food. The flexibility in attending. Links with other producers. The opportunity to learn, create and build business processes.

What does the farmer’s market offer your business?
Immediate connection with customers. The opportunity to trial new/ different products. Exposure to those seeking local and quality goods, who may then buy for their café/ restaurant.

How do you prepare your products for market?
We grow olives and link with other growers. The olives are processed off site. We package e.g. bottle the oil and olives, create marinades and condiments using local and SA products where ever possible. They are then labelled ready for market. The pulses enable us to support green protein – rejuvenating the KI farm soils as well as our guts.

We also reuse flagons to help reduce waste, although it is time consuming to de-label, clean and sterilise them. It is great to share similar values with the customers in the market ethos. We employ locally and use SA businesses for our supplies.

What message would you like to give to the Adelaide Hills community about our market?
It’s friendly, informative and provides food that is good for you, your family and the community – building self reliance.