🌼 Meet the Producer: Geoff from Gooseberry Hill Flowers 🌼

Introducing the face behind the vibrant bouquets and fresh blooms that light up your homes! In this edition of “Know the Producer on Your Plate,” we sat down with Geoff from Gooseberry Hill Farm – the artistic hands behind the floral magic. You’ll find Gooseberry Hill Farm at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market every Saturday from 8:30am – 12:30pm and can pre-order your fresh flowers by phoning Geoff on 0414 950 645 or email geoff@gooseberryhill.net by Friday 9am.

Why did you become a market stall holder?
We’re Gooseberry Hill Farm, known for our enchanting flowers. While you won’t find us on your plate, our blossoms can certainly brighten your day or someone else’s.

How long have you been trading at AHFM?
We’ve been proudly part of the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market since its very beginning.

What do you appreciate about farmer’s markets?
Farmer’s markets offer us a direct connection to both our customers and fellow producers. We love the chance to share and receive feedback, as well as discover new products we can offer based on your suggestions.

What does the farmer’s market offer your business?
It’s all about connecting directly with you! The market lets us showcase our beautiful blooms and spread the word about our products, thanks to wonderful customers like you who share us with their friends.

How do you prepare your products for market?
Our commitment to sustainability and quality shines through in every bouquet. Our flowers are spray-free, and we even introduce natural predators to tackle any insect issues. We use mushroom compost for fertilization, employ locals for weed control, and nurture our seedlings with heritage, untreated seeds. Frogs play their part in our ecosystem for insect control, even though they might get a bit lazy sometimes!

What message would you like to give to the Adelaide Hills community about our market?
Join us at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market and experience the difference. Our flowers last longer and our rugged seedlings bloom into robust plants. We’re proud to offer heritage and non-chemical seeds from Eden Seeds, alongside select organic options.

Come visit us and let our vibrant blooms add a touch of nature’s beauty to your life. Together, we’re cultivating something special at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market. 🌻🍃