This month, we’re thrilled to introduce Kimchi Club, a beloved member of the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market community.

Why did you become a market stall holder?
Korean food and culture are quite new to Australians so I think it’s really important to share our stories as well as our food. Having a stall gives me opportunities to meet people and make an authentic connection with them so they can learn about Korean food and culture and we can learn about how people experience our brand and products.

Name of your business?
Kimchi Club

How long have you been trading at AHFM?
Since 2019.

What do you appreciate about farmer’s markets?
For me, farmers market is the best place for not only food but sharing values and respectful relationship with customers. Our customers appreciate what Kimchi Club brings. I also appreciate the other stall holders, they are such hard workers, and generous people. They do with long built-up knowledge and experience they’re happy to share. As a healthy food producer, many of my customers have their own healthy recipes in their own styles. I feel special when my customers share with me the different ways they use our food.

What does the farmer’s market offer your business?
Selling our healthy food is great at the farmers market but I also really enjoy shopping for premium and healthy foods for my family and also ingredients for Kimchi Club.

How do you prepare your products for market?
When we create our product recipes, we consider every single ingredient for their health benefits. Our Kimchi products are not only rich in probiotics but also high in prebiotics. Prebiotics are food for probiotics so they both very important for our body and mind. Also, for us, it’s important to have a small footprint. Our premium ingredients are locally sourced
and organic. It’s great for the local economy.

What message would you like to give to the Adelaide Hills community about our market?
I always appreciate that our regular customers keep checking in at our stall and saying hi. It really makes my day feel special. So thank you for your ongoing support.