This month, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on one of our cherished regular stallholders at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market – Lilit’s Hamov Kitchen! 🎉

Stay tuned as we delve into their incredible journey, the passion they bring to the market, and the locally made foods that grace their stall every week. Discover the heartwarming story of Lilit’s Hamov Kitchen and their delicious contributions to our community🛒

Name of your business?
Lilit’s Hamov Kitchen

How long have you been trading at AHFM?
Ten years.

What do you appreciate about farmer’s markets?
We like low food miles, buying something the day it is picked from the ground or the tree, knowing that the meat comes from animals that lived relaxed, stress-free lives in verdant paddocks within SA before they were processed, and that the processing was done cleanly and the packaging with artificial additives. We like the originality of our stallholders and the knowledge that what we buy (and what LHK sells) is unique to us, as well as healthy and free of chemicals and pesticides.

What does the farmer’s market offer your business?
The market offers LHK a ‘home’ base and continuity of customer contact and service. We feel an intrinsic part of the community, after ten years of serving delicious Armenian-Middle-eastern-style foods to the patrons of AHFM and its out-of-town visitors.

How do you prepare your products for market?
Lilit’s Hamov Kitchen has featured for almost ten years at the Adelaide Hills Farmers market. Much of it can be characterised as soul food, Armenian and Middle Eastern cultural wholefood. Lilit cooks sweets, savouries and takeaway meals from frsh, organic, local, low food mile ingredients every week. Savoury dishes are prepared to eat then and there or to be taken home and warmed in the pan or oven. LHK products are all from her Grandma Anoush’s original hand-written recipes, or adapted from what she learnt as a youngster with various local trends in street and soul food. LHK instant meals are usual based around one protein, beef, lamb, pork or chicken with the equivalent of two serves of vegetables each. As we age our needs are higher. Protein is high in iron sources, such as Zinc, selenium, and phosphorus, and builds lean muscle and helps to regulate blood sugars. LHK meals contain lean proteins and each serve typical weighs 350-380g.

What message would you like to give to the Adelaide Hills community about our market?
We would like to stop being the best-kept secret of the Adelaide Hills and become more widely known – rightly so – for the quality of the produce on offer and the friendliness of our customer service. Why give your earnings to faceless rich eastern seaboard supermarket shareholders? Keep your money in the community. Eat local, seasonal, and fresh. That is global thinking.