🌿 Know the Producer on Your Plate: Salt Gang 🌿

Introducing Salt Gang – the culinary dream we’ve been obsessed with for over a year now! Inspired by the culinary traditions of China and Japan, Salt Gang makes small batch condiments, ferments, and foraged foods with beautiful Adelaide Hills produce. Read on to hear their unique story and immerse yourself in the passion and heart that goes into each of their products.

Name of your business?
Salt Gang

How long have you been trading at AHFM?
Over one year!

What do you appreciate about farmer’s markets?
We love farmer’s markets for the connection to our food and to our producers. To be able to directly talk to a farmer or artisan about their work is a delight.

There’s a sense of pride and thankfulness that thrives in markets, a sense of community and continuity. At the farmer’s market there is dynamism and seasonality, money within local hands– at the supermarket there’s cold storage offerings on the shelves doing little to stir the imagination, and at the till they’ll ask you to donate to their foundation to offset their tax. Market produce is fresher, tastier, and produced with more care, and offers more to the human spirit.

What does the farmer’s market offer your business?
We find the the market is our best opportunity to chat to our customers. It is extremely gratifying to know how people are using and loving our products, sharing them with friends and family, new ideas for using them. It’s our connection point with them, a way to build community and also a source of deep satisfaction. We love food and talking to people about their cooking, and the farmer’s market is an amazing way of getting our product out there.

How do you prepare your products for market?
Most of our days involve making a batch of something for Salt Gang, or shopping for ingredients, and every day involves the tending of ferments. We shop at the Central Markets for our bulk spices and some special ingredients like young ginger, and for our veggies we shop seasonally from Hills and Riverland growers, farmgate stalls, market gardeners, and also forage some wild ingredients.

We make everything at home in Balhannah, and really enjoy spending our time together cooking and talking up new ideas.

What message would you like to give to the Adelaide Hills community about our market?
You can do the vast majority of your weekly food shop at the market and eat deliciously!

We are so lucky to have magnificent veg, the best pastured chicken in a generous variety of cuts, beautiful bread, tasty fresh meals for an easy dinner…if you do a big shop at the market you’ll be set up with seasonal, nutrient dense, satisfying food.