Need more reasons to shop at AHFM? Want to convince that special person in your life to give the market a chance? Here’s a handy list of 10 reasons to shop at the Adelaide Hills Farmers’ Market!

  1. Direct from the farmer or producer to you All farm produce is direct from the grower to the market on the day
  2. Fresh from the farm The produce is picked and packed for optimum freshness and flavour
  3. Seasonality – Produce at the market is only available when it’s in season, this helps alleviate the environmental cost of food transport and maximizes nutritional value
  4. Lasts longer – Food has a longer shelf life when it is direct from the grower (if you can last that long)
  5. Environmental – Less food miles and less carbon footprint
  6. Local economy – buying local keeps the dollars in our community
  7. Know where your food comes from – The value-adders are the people that actually make your product
  8. Information – Lean about the product, find out how to cook it, eat it, grow it, drink it and store it, direct from the producer!
  9. Community – The AHFM is a local event that brings us all together

Don’t forget, the AHFM is on every Saturday morning at 23 Mann Street Mt Barker!