Pizza is undoubtedly a classic and delicious dish. It’s easy to throw together at home or easy to order from your local takeout. Unfortunately, the easy options are not always the healthiest! Fortunately it’s actually really simple to combine easy and heathy into one delicious, guilt-free meal.

Tara from Primal Alternative By Tara shows you how in this recipe using produce from all around the market!


1 x Primal Alternative By Tara Pizza Base (regular or low carb option)

3 x Mushrooms or fungi of choice coarsely chopped (from Rustic Epicurean, I love their mixed fungi!)

2 tsp mushroom pate (from Rustic Epicurean)

5-6 pitted olives sliced (from Bald Hills Olive Grove)

3 Sprigs of rocket coarsely chopped (from Dogan Farm)

Red onion sliced thinly (from Dogan Farm)

1-2 Tbsp passata

Mozzarella cheese (I like a local Adelaide mozzarella from La Casa Del Formaggio sold in Foodland)

Left over chicken shredded (from Lowan Park Produce) – optional but is great for those wanting to add a bit of extra nourishment.


Place pizza base on a lined oven tray.

Spread with passata and mozzarella.

Dot the mushroom pate over the pizza and then spread the loosely chopped mushrooms/fungi, olives and red onion over the top.

Add chicken if using.

Bake in a 180C oven for approx. 10-15 mins or until base and toppings are cooked through to your liking.

Once out of the oven top with fresh rocket, serve and enjoy.